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Days can seem to fly by especially when schedules are over-filled and stuffed to the brim! Busy is almost a “badge of honour” these days. Well, I’m here to say “Bye Felicia” to Busy and I invite you to join in too!

What if we filled our calendars with what matters most and with what brings us joy! Trust me, this will lead to deeper connections with your children, deeper connections with your partner and most importantly, a deeper connection to yourself!

Last year seemed to fly by for us and we definitely got caught up in the hustle-bustle of life. Sure we had just had our third kiddo and we had moved moved to a different town. So Hello- Big life changes! Of course I allowed grace in all of that.

There just seemed to be one thing missing from our family life for a good part of last year - We didn’t plan anything. So guess what happened… Nothing. ZILCH. NADDA. ZIPPO. Except maybe overwhelmed, hectic daily life. We just went with the busyness of life. Caught up in daily chores, work schedules, overtime, school activities, and running around like we were a chicken with its head caught off!

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

- Sir Winston Churchill 

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The key to your schedule and calendar is to align it with your core values! “Core values uh?” you say. This concept is something I learned though my Coach and Mentor, Erin Skye Kelly . I can just hear her right now, “In all the history of death beds… I don’t think one person said “Oh, I really regret missing who got the last rose on the Bachelor”” People on their death beds regret things like not achieving goals or not spending more time with loved ones .

Now, its not meant to say to never watch tv or scroll social media ever again but to put your true priorities and values first. Adding them to your planner, or calendar FIRST before everything else.

In the Youtube video down below, I share with you how we are planning our family calendar with more intention. I go through it step by step. We’ve planned out what we want to do more as a family and what means the most to us. If you are interested in the calendar in the video, you can receive 10% off with this link

The guidebook is meant to accompany the Youtube video however I encourage you to really sit down and answer and reflect on the questions in order to get the full benefit. It will help you identify what your core values are; introduce you to the HEART-C method of Self Care; and support you in diving deeper into connections with yourself and the ones you love!

To the most Heart Centered and Intentional Year, Yet!


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