My Early Morning Self Care Routine


After I had my first baby, I would sneak of in the afternoon to meditate or read a book while my husband would watch our daughter. Then we had our second child a few years later and self care was shifted once again and buried under other priorities. Then when I had my third child, it was almost nonexistent.

I found it increasingly hard to sustain a clean house, attempt to grow a Youtube Channel , launch a business and a blog and spend time with the ones I loved. All while maintaining a tiny sliver of myself. Something had to give! (Obviously my expectations on a clean and tidy house shifted!) I needed to make myself more of a priority so…

Enter in My Early Morning Routine!

I am sharing my self care morning routine in the video down below. I do this before my kids wake up (between 5:30-6am) to be able to fill my cup first! I like to say i’m taking care of my ‘business’ before I take on anyone else’s ‘business.’

These self care habits and routine are vital to my mental health and for being the best version of me!

Self Care is so important for Moms so here are some ideas and habits to implement in your own morning routine.

Check out the video down below for more!