What I Would Tell My Past Mom Self | Tips for Breastfeeding


My first daughter was born on a Thursday before a long weekend. Meaning when we found out she had a tongue tie, there were no Doctors who could correct it before we left the hospital that weekend. As first time parents, we went home armed with tiny bottles from the hospital and I later rented a breast pump from the pharmacy. Our daughters tongue tie would be corrected 1 week later.

I was terrified and filled with anxiety that my dream of breastfeeding would not happen. The thoughts that went through my mind were,

“Am I going to be able to do this?”

“This is so hard!”

“My milk supply isn’t going to come in”

“I won’t be able to figure this out”

The list went on and on.

Those initial overwhelming thoughts and anxiety turned into a determination like no other. I was determined to breastfeed her and it didn’t matter what it took. So tongue tie, nipple shield, engorgement, pain and discomfort was not going to stop me.

If you are in those anxious and overwhelmed thoughts this is what I would tell you! Momma you got this! It will all work out! You are an amazing Mother! Deep breath. Focus on that beautiful baby in front of you. Take another deep breath. Take this one feeding at a time. YOU GOT THIS!

What we speak to our inner selves matter! The power of words and thoughts has the potential to break us or make us! Which is why I created these Breastfeeding Affirmation cards down below!

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